Surah forbidden to be read during salat by shia’s

FATWA about what parts of the Quran are forbidden to be read During Salat by Grand Ayatullah and Leader Ali Khaminei’i.

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Text of Fatwa:

س: ما هي السور التي لا يجوز قرائتها في أثناء الصلاة؟ وإذا حدث وقد قام أحد بقرائتها فما حكم هذه الصلوات؟

ج) لا تجوز قراءة ما يفوت الوقت بقراءته من السور الطوال. فلو قرأها سهواً وتذكر أثناء الصلاة عدل إلى غيرها مع سعة الوقت. ولا يجوز قراءة سور العزائم الاربع. فلو قرأها ساهياً فإن تذكّر قبل بلوغ آية السجدة وجب عليه العدول إلى سورة اخرى. وسورة «الفيل» و «الايلاف» سورة واحدة وكذلك سورة «الضحى» و«الم نشرح» فلا تجزي واحدة منها بل لا بدّ من الجمع بينهما مرتباً مع البسملة الواقعة في البين

Question: What are the Suras(chapters) which we’re not allowed to read while in prayer? and If I happen to read them then what happens to my Salat?

Answer: It is forbidden to read long Suras which consume a lot of time. If he reads it unintentionally and then remembers during prayer then he should switch to another if time permits. And it is forbidden to read the Chapters of “Al A’aza’im al arba’a” and if he recites them by mistake then remembers This before he reaches the verse with the obligatory Soujoud then he should change to another Sura straight away. And the chapter of “Al-feel” & “Li Eelaf” are One Chapter ALSO the chapters “Al Duha” & “Alam Nashrah” are One Chapter so read them together with “Bismillah” in between them otherwise it’s not accepted.

NOTES: The Chapters of the “Al A’aza’im al arba’a” are:

-Surat al Sajdah #32
-Surat Fussilat #41
-Surat al Najm #53
-Surat al Alaq #96

Sunni source:

Commentary: First of all this is shocking but it’s to be expected since they don’t memorize long chapters and barely open the Quran, they abandoned this book and the best you can hope for if you get the chance to stand behind one of them is that he reads Surat “al ikhlas”. As for the names of chapters he got some of them wrong it seems, Firstly it’s not “Li Eelaf” it’s called Surat “Quraysh”, secondly “Alam Nashrah” is called Surat “Al Sharh”. My Advice for the Twelver Shiites is, Quit making tahreef and messing with the book of Allah, It’s not a game.



In Order to find this Fatwa Click on The Following Arabic words to the side from Right to left:

أحكام الصلاة –> واجبات الصلاة –> القراءة –> السور اللممنوع قراءتها في الصلاة


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3 responses to “Surah forbidden to be read during salat by shia’s

  1. scheherzade

    Why are these surahs forbidden?

  2. Mohammed Omar

    superb effort brother. jazakAllah. may allah reward u 🙂

  3. unknownmuslim

    Sorry to say but sunnis do say for surah sajdah for example alif laam meem sajdah or for surah fussilat hameem sajdah !! Dont tell wrong things. We want to unite the islamic religion and people!!!

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