Kabah Vs Karbala

Fatwa By Ayatullah Sadiq al Shirazi:

أرض الصفا والمروة وأرض كربلاء
أيّهما أفضل: أرض الصفا والمروة أم أرض كربلاء؟
************************************************** ***********
في الحديث الشريف (الكامل في الزيارات/ الباب 88 فضل كربلاء/ ص 267): أرض كربلاء أفضل عند الله من جميع الأراضي كلّها وإنها تُزفّ إلى الجنة وتكون أفضل بقعة فيها.
28/ ذو الحجة الحرام 1428

Question: Which is better? the land of al Safa wal Marwa (Ka’abah) or the land of Karbala?

Answer: In the Hadith Shareef (Al Kamil fil Ziyarat/ chapter 88 Virtues of Karbala/ page 267): The Land of Karbala is better in the sight of Allah than all other lands and it will be transported to Jannah and it will be the best spot of Jannah(Paradise).

& here’s a Video by Sadiq al Shirazi saying that Karbala is better than al ka’abah:

Link: http://www.s-alshirazi.com/masael/subject/aghaed/letter59.htm

They even not stop here. Lets see more kufr by alims of this cult.

By Ayatoolah Sistani:

Ayatoolah Sistani gives Fatwa that Salat in Masjid of Ali is better than Salat in Masjib al-Haram (Ka’ba) (Minhaj Al-Salaheen, Fatwa # 562)

One more: Now this time by shia alim Al-Amili:

It was narrated on authority of Muhammad bin Jaffar Al-Razaz, on behalf on Muhammad Bin Hassan…..(very long chain of narrators) from abi abdillah (as)…The Land of Mecca said: “Who is like me and Allah had made His House on my Back, all men come to me from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway? And I have been made Sacred (or Holy) and peaceful land So Allah revealed to her saying Stop that and stay (like that), the Sacredness which I gave to you compared to the land of karbala is dip in Ocean. And if it was not for Karbala I would have never made you sacred. And if it was not karbala I would have never created you, and even that which you are showing arrogance with. So Stay quite, and humble yourself (in front of karbala) in humility…(insult continues)…(then)…and if you (Mecca) don’t do that then I shall destroy you and throw you in Hell Fire. [Wasail ash shia, volume 5]

So, Allah Will Throw Mecca with Ka’ba in Hell Fire! Wow what a belief.

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