Imam Ali about Brazil “the Kings of football”

The Narration which i will present to you now is One which will change your life forever.

Ali (as) knew that Brazil would Be the Kings of FOOTBALL!!!

Yes you heard it right you wahhabi Nasibies, Either you admit now to the greatness of Imam Ali or Perish. 😉

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

اللهم صلى على محمد وآل محمد

أوردت جريدة القائم ( عج ) هذا الخبرالغريب عن الامام علي عليه السلام يتنبأ فيه بلعبة كرة القدم بشكل واضح بل ويقول ان البرازيل سوف تشتهر بهذه اللعبة….

اترككم مع الحديث:

قال أميرالمؤمنين ( ع ) في مخطوطة قديمة أسماها الجفر:

( ولا غالب لأمر الله عندقوم لهم نهر عظيم اسمه أمزون يدعون للحق فيها مغاليس ، والظلم يفتن دهراً ، ينشر في أرضهم فقراً ،ولا يعلو لهم اسم الا في اللعبة السارحة،يمرح رجالها خلف مثل أضعاف بيضة نعامة،كرة من جلود ينصبون لأجلها الرايات ويعزفون المعزف ويرقصون رقص الأحباش….. )

كتاب( ماذا قال علي عن آخر الزمان).

ذكر صاحب هذا الكتاب أن البرازيل هي المرادف لكلمة الامزون وهو احد اعظم انهار الدنيا.

( وقد وصف امير المؤمنين عليه السلام كرة القدم ببيضة النعامة لأن هذه البيضة هي البيضة الوحيدة ذات الشكل الكروي وكرة القدم اليوم هي مصنوعة من الجلود كما ذكرها عليه السلام)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

جريدة القائم

العدد ( الفتح ) السنة الاولى – أواخر محرم الحرام1427 هجري

كتاب( ماذا قال علي عن آخر الزمان)

Source: Book: kitab “Maza Qal Ali an Akhir al Zaman”.

Ameer Ali RAA Said in an ancient scripture called “Al Jeffr” :Allah Is the greatest as a people with a great river called the amazon, Their religion is corrupt and there is oppression and Fitnah which will spread Poverty in their land and they will only achieve victory in a game with an Egg of an Ostrich,.. A Ball from leathers and for it they will place Banners and play songs and dance like the Ahbash.

The “Al Qa’em” Newspaper in their first volume/release at the end of Muharram, 1427 hijri released this Hadith about Ali raa Talking about the game of Football and saying that Brazil will be the best Nation in this game.

the writer of the book claimed Brazil is that country with the Amazon.

Scan of the book mentioned in the Shiite newspaper:

Here’s Shiite forum were another guy Pastes this and all other Shiites start thanking him for this “Valuable” topic:

here’s another Shiite forum Discussing this and Saying “The Wahhabies must be dying in Anger from the greatness of Ali”

This is other link to a Shiite forum called “Al Hawza” and they are talking about this here and saying how Amazing it is that Ali (as) knows the future!!! Some guy was actually trying to explain the “Dance of Ahbash” part as The SAMBA LOL!

So my friends this is the religion of Twelverism, A Religion for you to have a laugh at and enjoy, a religion I wouldn’t buy for 5 $, full of fairytales, legends, Visions and myths with almost no Hadiths from the Prophet of this Religion PBUH. Or so called good time-pass. 😛


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3 responses to “Imam Ali about Brazil “the Kings of football”

  1. scheherzade

    Oh my God I am perished!!!!LOL
    wonder why there is no comment on this page????

  2. Shani

    Subhanallah lolz long live ronaldo lol


    الحمد لله علي نعمة العقل و الدين

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