Shia Ali(as) saved the angel Gabriel(as)

One thing to say: They like to fool themselves and others but the reality is , this is the dumbest Team in the history of this religion… Now that shia mentioned that they consider themselves true sect I feel like uploading something, This is from the book of Imam Al Khomeini (Bla) called “Al fawa’ed al radawiyah” page 151:

The highlighted parts are the story of How shia Ali(as) saved the angel Gabriel PBUH:

What is Narrated about Gabriel in the beginning of creation When Allah had asked him(Gabriel) several times “Who am I and who are You!?” and every time he answers Allah saying ” You are you and I am I” Then Allah burns him for being too proud and sends him away from the Nearest heavens until The Saviour of Souls appeared in the world of lights and ghosts, The Mawla of the two universes and the Imam of the Thaqalayn, our Mawla Ali bin abi Talib PBUH (it’s funny how they say Bin Abi Talib and this is happening billions of years probably before Abu talib was created LOL) Then Ali taught Gabriel to say in the answer: “You are the Great King and I am the humble slave” and when he said it he was saved from the fires of Hell.



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2 responses to “Shia Ali(as) saved the angel Gabriel(as)

  1. farhals

    ur so lame and useless kuffar. making fun of islam. ur such a cult.. feelin abusin u too d core… bloody!!

  2. farhals

    ur so lame and useless kuffar. making fun of islam. ur such a cult.. i feel lyk abusin u up to d core… bloody!!

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