Shia argument:

Sunni say Muttah is ZINA, while Allah’s Prophet testifies that Muttah is among HALAL & Tayyibaat (Pure of any Filth)

As I stated earlier, Sunnies always leave the field and run away when we show them the Counter Proofs. Let us start here with these Proofs and any one could see the running of these People.

Sahih al Bukhari Volume 7 tradition 13a

Narrated ‘Abdullah Ibn Masud: We used to participate in the holy battles led by Allah’s Apostle and we had nothing (no wives) with us. So we said, “Shall we get ourselves castrated (for fear of making sin)?” He forbade us (to castrate ourselves) and then allowed us to marry women with a temporary contract (Mut’ah) and recited to us: ‘O you who believe! Make not unlawful the good things (Tayyibaat i.e. Pure THINGS), which Allah has made lawful (HALAL) for you, but commit no transgression.’ (5.87)

Here is the Arabic Text:
حدثنا ‏ ‏عمرو بن عون ‏ ‏حدثنا ‏ ‏خالد ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏إسماعيل ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏قيس ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏عبد الله ‏ ‏رضي الله عنه ‏ ‏قال ‏ ‏كنا نغزو مع النبي ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏وليس معنا نساء فقلنا ألا نختصي فنهانا عن ذلك فرخص لنا بعد ذلكأن نتزوج المرأة بالثوب ثم قرأ ‏ ‏يا أيها الذين آمنوا لا تحرموا طيبات ما أحل الله لكم ‏

No Sunni Imam/Mufti has answered this up till now and could never answer it ever. They could keep on blaming Muttah to be ZINA for centuries, but here we have the witness of Prophet of Allah (swt) himself where he is declaring that:

1) Muttah is not Zina but among TAYYIBAAT (pure of any filth)

2) And Allah made Muttah HALAL. So how could you declare it Haram.

Let us see if any Sunni Mufti could ever REFUTE this Witness of Prophet of Allah (saw).

Here is another hadith from sahih bukhari which implies that muhammad (pbuh) disliked of celibacy and castration:

4786. Sa’id ibn al-Musayyab said, “I heard Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas say, ‘The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, forbade celibacy to ‘Uthman ibn Maz’un. If he had allowed that him to do that, we would have had ourselves castrated.'”
Sa’id ibn al-Musayyab reported that he heard Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas say “He (i.e. the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace) forbade ‘Uthman ibn Maz’un to do that. If he had allowed him celibacy, we would have had ourselves castrated.”

Sahih al-Bukhari hadith no. 4786

& my answer is that to understand the hadith of bukhari because we have many sahih hadiths about mutah i.e. prophet muhammad(pbuh) made mutah haram, we have to first collect all hadith (muslim, tirmidhi etc) regarding same incident & compare, then extract the final wordings. (this is very basic concept of hadith science)

This is not nessecary what shia think is the reality. They have to first check the fatwa of sheikh ul islam to know what they think about the hadith which you are using against sunni’s for official challange.

Here is: islamweb fatwa

Now, No shia marji explained me this:

Bihar al anwar:
Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Eesaa reported in his Nawaadir and Ibn Idrees in his Saraair from ibn Abee Umayr from Hishaam bin al-Hakamm from Abee Abdillaah (this is Jafar as Saadiq) ( about Mutah) and he said: Its not done with us except by the Fujjaar (transgressors and criminals).

You can see this hadith on-line in volume 100, p 318 of Bihar al anwar (arabic)

Shia sheikh al-Majad said:
Its chain in Nawadir is reliable (motabar), and it was reported by author of Wasail from Nawadir, and his chain till book Nawadir is reliable.
sheikh al-Majad’s fatwa (arabic)

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