Abu Bakr(ra) was the right and most eligible caliph

Abu Bakr radiyallahu ‘anhu was the right and most eligible caliph after the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam. This is substantiated by a number of evidences, some of which are:

1.    The consensus of all the companions to obey and submit to his orders and without any opposition.  Had he been an oppressor who usurped the right of the caliphate they wouldn’t have left him without any revolt, nor would they have obeyed him, considering their steadfastness in religion and their fearlessness in taking action on anything in the name of Allah;

2.    ‘Ali did not go against him nor did he fight him.  And this stance from ‘Ali must be for one of three reasons: one, either for fear of the occurrence of any civil strife in the Ummah; two, due to his weakness and inability to fight; three: for his perfect knowledge of the fact that Abu Bakr was the right caliph and on the right track.

To say that he did not fight for fear of trouble and fitnah within the Ummah is, to say the least, vain talk, because he fought Mu’awiyah radiyallahu ‘anhu and a lot of people were killed in the battles that ensued between them, just like he fought Talha, Zubair and ‘A’isha radiyallahu ‘anhum at a time he was sure that the right of the caliphate was his, without fear of any strife.

It is also illogical to say that he did not fight due to weakness, because those who helped him in his battles against Mu’awiyah were believers on the day of Saqifah, as well as on the day ‘Umar was assigned by Abu Bakr to be his successor, and also on the day ‘Umar, on his death bed, ordered six people to deliberate on choosing one of them as the caliph after him. Had they known that the right to the throne was his they would have helped him against Abu Bakr because, had there been the purported nass(explicit order from the Prophet that ‘Ali should be the caliph immediately after him), Abu Bakr would have been more deserving to be fought than Mu’awiyah[1].

There is therefore no other reason behind ‘Ali’s stance but his knowledge of the fact that the right to the caliphate was Abu Bakr’s.

[1] Who fought for the blood of his kin ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan radiyallahu ‘anhu.


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3 responses to “Abu Bakr(ra) was the right and most eligible caliph

  1. Khizar

    what a joke! you people are highly brainwashed! you people neither read ahadees of the holy prophet(s.a.w) nor do you people read quran with your brains open!
    Imam Ali(a.s) said to bibi fatima (s.a) that if i fight against abubakr , these people would even remove the name of prophet(s.a.w)from azan!
    abubakr, umar, usman treated bibi fatima(s.a) very badly and they will be treated in the same way in the judgement day! the martyred her unborn son ,took away the garden of fadak , which was left by Prophet(s.a.w), for her! the made her cry! and hoy prophet(s.a.w) said, whoever has made fatima angry has made angry, and thus made allah angry !
    you people dont a bit about ghadeer!
    the first revelation from Allah was , O holy prophet(s.a.w) convey to the people that you’ve been told to or else you have not conveyed the completed risalat .. then the holy prophet(s.a.w) held Ali’s(a.s) hands and said, mun kunto mola fa haza ali-un mola .. then the revelation was , verily You( s.a.w) have completed islam.((THIS IS IN MY OWN WORDS)..
    you people reject the words of Rasool(s.a.w) and it is you people who should be accused of disrespecting Rasool(s.a.w)!!
    as far as abubakr and his Khilafat(read: joke) are concerned! huh .. abubakr, umar and usman didnt even offered namaz-e-janaza of Rasool(s.a.w) .. after the death of Rasool(s.a.w) these three carried out an ijma to get the votes for khilafat!Imam Ali(a.s) was a maasoom( infallible) .. he was the wali and couldnot fight against the sahaba ..
    wilayat of Ali(a.s) was and is a part of islam and if you arenot following it, then, may Allah guide you!
    the ijma(consensus) doesnot mean that the majority is right and everyone should follow the majority! if you argue upon the consensus results then you should know that christians are in majority ! they have declared that Mohammad (s.a.w) isnot a prophet! then why the heck dont you people follow them and convert to christianity! though there isnt much difference between you two groups!

    now come my questions:
    1) you people ask us to stop disrespecting your sahabas, ok, we wont , but who will answer the cruelty carried by saudi arabia on shiites?!?! didnt they destroy jannat-ul-baqi, the graveyard where fatima(s.a) and imam hasan(a.s) imam zainulabideen(a.s) and numerous others are buried!!!! and they still dont allow people to recite fatiha there!
    2)what is the concept of tarawih? Rasool(s.a.w) offered tarawih the same way you people do. this was an innovation by the great umar , and innvation in islam is biddat(haram)!
    3) why was there an addition made to fajr azan? as salato kher o minnan naom .. again , this is an innovation by umar !!who the heck was he to make ammendments in islam!!!

    • Shani

      Blah blah blah the same old fairy tales, kinda boring really. Regarding Umar read nahj ul balagah sermon 226 then read shark nahj ul balagah to find out which companion imam Ali was talking about, you still accuse him off bidah

      Really you Shia shouldn’t go down bidah path, matam?? Bidaaaaaah, making gold thumbs for your imams bidaaaaaah. So don’t go down bidaah route

  2. Ya Ali Madad.

    Bar dushman e Ali AS laaanat beshumaar !

    Bar banu ummiyah and his filthy progeny be cursed day and night InshaAllah !

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